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By Staff | Jan 17, 2018

To the editor:

As the season is here, let’s celebrate it by what we can do to spread more kindness on our Island.

I see two places where kindness is needed. One is to say something supportive and positive to every traffic officer you pass. Can you imagine what it takes to deal with the problems at Periwinkle and Casa Ybel in rush hour? I often yell, “Thanks for keeping us alive.” Just think about how many “fender benders” they save us from if we drove without them? You can thank the officers for that, too. Try it. Experience it.

The other kindness I believe in is so necessary during rush hour on our Island. We need to be more mindful about letting people in when they’re trying to get off Island, for instance, to turn left at Dunlop Road, or out of any of the restaurants, stores or churches. I try to let two cars in when I go off Island. (It’s a fun game. Make sure you signal the car behind you.) And I also allow two cars in when I come back home. People are so grateful.

Do you believe in kindness? Tell us about some ways you express it.

Sidney B. Simon