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When politicians talk ‘purge,’ pay attention

By Staff | Jan 10, 2018

To the editor:

Recently, our very own, very rich, Republican Congressman Francis Rooney announced to the world his desire to purge FBI employees who, in his estimation, are not loyal to President Trump. When a politician or political party uses the word “purge” we need to stand up and pay notice.

History has a long list of countries and individuals who purged to eliminate those who did share their beliefs. Examples are Hitler who exterminated millions of Jews and others he believed were inferior. Stalin killed millions who opposed him. Turks committed genocide against millions of Armenians and the list goes on.

When a government or individual within the government cannot tolerate opposing views, individual liberty, due process of law and uses his power to eliminate those, we have a great threat to our democracy and liberty.

Francis, your words and disjointed loyalty to the President is a threat to our Constitutional rights and shows your inability to follow the guidance of your oath of office.

George Hopgood

Cape Coral