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Trump has accomplished much

By Staff | Jan 10, 2018

To the editor:

The St. Paul Pioneer Press just published two articles that might contrast with Jim Healy’s voluminous rhetoric. Trump has shrunk federal bureaucracy in his first year. In Obama’s first year, he added 68,000 employees and 188,000 (almost 10 percent) in his eight years as president.

The political IRS lost 9 percent of its staff and the VA has fired over a hundred managers who were running a scam to cover up their long wait times for veterans to get health attention.

Under Obama no one was fired and some still received their bonuses

Morale has actually gone up with federal employees but the union is upset.

On the economy, we have had two quarters of 3 percent growth and the 4th quarter is expected to be 4 percent. Under Obama the average was 1.55 percent and his last quarter after eight years was 1.4 percent . Job creation is way up and the new tax bill should make it even better.

Some of this is due to deregulation. Obama set a record for pages of regulations. In 2015 alone he wrote 96,000 pages. Cost of his regulations was over $15 billion.

Trump in his first year had 53,000 pages, many of which were undoing some of the most egregious Obama regulations saving $8 billion. Also we now have a new rule that every new regulation has to be matched with the elimination of two existing ones.

Contrasting a college professor’s approach to government vs. a private industry and experienced CEO is striking.

Personally I would rather have a President with a few obnoxious tweets that does what Trump is doing than a nice friendly face that tells you what you want to hear but adds burdensome government in his quest for a socialistic country.

John Benedict

Cape Coral