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Talking points

By Staff | Jan 10, 2018

To the editor:

Letters to you from Gloria Garber and David Fetzer in the Jan. 3, Reporter caught my attention. Both focused on the word “purge” apparently used by our Congressman Francis Rooney when expressing his belief that some high-level FBI officials, who opposed President Trump’s election, have participated in active “resistance” to the President and should be removed from positions of leadership in what ought be a nonpartisan part of our government.

Webster’s Dictionary defines the verb “purge” (based on the medical use associated with bowels), as meaning “to remove undesirable elements from”, as applied to, for example, government agencies. Both Garber and Fetzer have the unique view that this term only describes the actions of dictators in authoritarian governments, perhaps not the first association that comes to mind for most people.

I also find interesting Fetzer’s claim that the Republican party has a “favored” ally in Russia, and associates the Communist/Socialist color “red” with the party. That’s amusing, in that the media assigned the colors to the parties, and I have always found it strange that they chose the color “red” for Republicans in spite of the long time association with the Democrat party with “red” ideology (note, for example, Bernie Sanders, Democratic Socialist candidate for the 2016 Democrat Presidential nomination). Tying non-Communist Russia uniquely with the Republicans is also strange in light of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s pushing the Reset Button for US/Russian relations and President Obama’s ‘off-mike’ comment as to having more ‘flexibility’ to deal with Russia after the 2014 elections.

Is it possible that the two published letters may be expressing Democrat “talking points” aimed at defeating Congressman Francis’s reelection?

Will Smith