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Rooney should resign

By Staff | Jan 10, 2018

To the editor:

Our alleged representative in Washington, Francis Rooney, should immediately resign from office.

To begin with, he voted for the Trump Take from the Middle Class and suck up to the Rich Tax Not Reform Bill. As a government contractor feeding at the public trough Francis has enriched himself beyond comprehension; voting for the Fat Cat Tax Bill was at the very least a gross conflict of interest if viewed charitably; felonious may be the more applicable description.

Secondly, Francis has come out, an appropriate term, as a Roy Moore Republican. Really, Francis, don’t you think there are enough religious psychopaths and perverts in Washington already?

And last; why did the person ever think that Stalinist verbiage was appropriate, purge indeed.

I feel that Southwest Florida would be best served by a candidate more in touch with reality and less with Trump. I suggest the mayor of San Juan, Carmen Yulin Cruz, who has demonstrated possession of, politely speaking, backbone and integrity. I would use another descriptive term but I do not want to offend any but Rooney and his pals.

Mrs. Cruz can use my house for her qualifying residence; we have a couple of empty bedrooms and wifi, and she is welcome to them. And Comcast. I know that the Hispanic community is not homogeneous, and Americans of Puerto Rican, Mexican, Cuban, Honduran, etc., descent, may not all be on the same page, but Mayor Cruz can, I believe, unify the Hispanic vote and grab enough votes from the rest of us to be a shoe in and a thorn in the side of the jerks in D.C.

Dan Schutzman

Cape Coral