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Council makes Budget Review Committee appointments

By Staff | Jan 9, 2018

Cape Coral City Council filled three vacanies on its Budget Review Committee Monday.

Bill Osborn, Michael Botkin and Beatrice Jacquet-Castor were named to the advisory panel. Gary Eidson was named the alternate, as Osborn had been an alternate before being elevated to a member in full standing.

All members were voted in unanimously.

The vacancies are the result of resignations. Joe Coviello was elected mayor in November, Jennifer Nelson was elected to the District 4 City Council seat and Jeff Green also resigned.

In other business:

* Councilmember Rick Williams said he would no longer be serving as chairman Municipal Planning Organization as of the end of the month, citing other commitments.

Williams asked to be moved to the alternate position on the MPO, flopping positions with Councilmember Jessica Cosden, who was the alternate. Council approved the request.

* Councilmember Jessica Cosden had several items in her closing remarks, including State House Bill 30-71, an appropriations request sponsored by State Rep. Dane Eagle from a group called Family Initiative, which is looking to open a center for autism in the city.

The organization is requesting $102,000 from the state legislature. Cosden asked Council to support the proposal, as there are few, if any, services in Cape Coral.

Councilmember Williams suggested Council pass a resolution to give the proposal more teeth, which the board indicated it is prepared to do at its next meeting on Jan. 22.

* Councilmember Marilyn Stout brought forward a resolution concerning offshore drilling. Council agreed to send a letter to U.S. Rep. Frances Rooney showing the city’s support for a continued moratorium on oil drilling in the eastern Gulf of Mexico. Coviello will sign a letter.

Rooney had expressed concerns, in a letter to Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke, related to a draft proposal that would open up the eastern gulf. The area is under a drilling moratorium until 2022.

Rooney said the area is a crucial military training area and also cited Southwest Florida’s reliance on tourism.

* Council voted to consider its code of ordinances regarding stormwater management to amend definitions; to clarify calculations of stormwater user fees for multi-family and undeveloped property and to eliminate retroactive corrections, adjustments, or exemptions.

* Council voted to approve the voluntary annexation of a 9.72-acre parcel at 2915 SW Pine Island Road.

All motions were approved unanimously.

* Mayor Joe Coviello announced that all the remaining debris on Skyline collected in the wake of Hurricane Irma had been cleared before the Christmas holiday.