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Thank you

By Staff | Dec 27, 2017

To the editor:

I want to thank Ashley Goodman and your newspaper for your support of the recent Sanibel Shoes for Homeless Veterans drive. Four weeks ago the community learned of the number of homeless veterans in two VA Hospitals. The estimate was that these 150 homeless veterans needed shoes and socks. In four weeks’ time, the communities in Sanibel, Captiva, Fort Myers and Cape Coral worked towards this goal of 150 pairs of shoes. We didn’t set up a foundation, no tax ID; just individual generosity.

The four-week campaign received over 275 pairs of dress shoes, sneakers, and work boots. In addition to the shoes, we also collected over 400 pairs of socks. The generosity at the following pickup points gave people choices as to where to take their donations:

* The Bailey’s Store

* The Dunes Golf Club

* St. Isabel Church, Men’s Society Sanibel

* The American Legion of Sanibel

* The Southwest Florida Military Museum, Cape Coral

* St. Coloumbkille, Church, Fort Myers

I’m so proud that at this Christmas season, the people of Southwest Florida found time to care for those veterans who served us. We in some small way are giving them a chance to join us in a productive and blessed life.

With gratitude and pride, we say thank you.

Dan Perkins

Sanibel Shoes for Homeless Veterans