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Faces on Faith: They say…

By Staff | Dec 27, 2017


They say Christmas is for children

and I suppose it is-

awe filled children

expectant children

gathered around the lighted tree

dancing with overflowing joy

waiting for the first rip of paper

signaling that the holy ritual has begun

is it the youngest first this year

or was that last year-

so we need to begin with grandpa

patiently sitting in his chair

wondering not so much what’s in the box

but what’s in store for the coming year-

opening last

tearing up seeing the beaming face-

“I made it for you grandpa.”


They say Christmas is for children-

and I suppose it is

because of the child in the manger

with the cherubic face

at least in the midst of the old painters-

with a kneeling mother dressed in blue

and a distracted Joseph

with mooing cows and bleating sheep-

smelly shepherds

who heard the song in the night

and ended up in this shed.


They say Christmas is for children

and I suppose it is

if only just for tonight

children whose once sparkling eyes

have dimmed a bit

and once dancing feet are sore

from the miles of life-

who once anticipated much

and are now tempered by what passes for reality

who once believed with all their hearts

and now have their doubts

who once looked toward a limitless horizon

now with more time behind than ahead.


They say Christmas is for children-


and for all still seeking that place and time

when angels sang

and shepherds came

and Joseph dreamed

and Mary pondered

and hearts were full of joy

as light pierced darkness

and the Word became flesh

and love overflowed from Bethlehem

drenching the world.

-Rev. John N. Cedarleaf, Captiva Chapel by the Sea