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Thank you

By Staff | Dec 20, 2017

To the editor:

This thank you is a little late in coming, but we think of it often, with gratitude.

We had the good fortune to stop in at Island Gifts on Periwinkle Way in beautiful Sanibel, while on vacation. We made our purchases and went on our way. It wasn’t till we went to pay for dinner, that we discovered we were missing credit cards and driver’s license. Panic set in as we tried to retrace our steps. We hurried to the car where Henry had two missed calls.

Judy and Claudette, had not only went to Sanibel Lighthouse Park hoping to catch us, as we had discussed shelling there, but managed to find a cell phone number and call us, to call them.

It was with happy relief, we went back to Island Gifts to retrieve the items. They had left the shop open in case we returned! Talk about going out of your way!

Thank you Judy and Claudette for your kind, gracious assistance! You represent Sanibel in the very best way!


Judie Blanke

St Louis, MO