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More on Betsy DeVos’ visit

By Staff | Dec 20, 2017

To the editor:

Thanks for the recent article on the visit of Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos. Unfortunately you failed to mention her attack on public education. She visited a charter school in Fort Myers and when she visited three schools in Tallahassee; none were public schools.

It seems she will not set foot in any traditional public schools. She is promoting a $9 billion cut in federal spending on public schools. She has pushed for a federal school voucher program and tax funding of religious schools.

Her agenda includes no accountability standards for charter and for-profit schools. Voucher schools championed by DeVos can teach whatever they want, including creationism, racism, and sexism.

A policy that aimed to better protect victims of sexual assault on campus was RESCINDED by Betsy DeVos.

Gerry Trantina

Fort Myers Beach