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Seahorse Chorale Spectacular to raise funds for Walt Disney World trip

By Staff | Dec 13, 2017

Friday, Feb. 23, the Seahorse Chorale, around 16 sixth, seventh and eighth grade students, will perform at Disney Springs at the MarketPlace Stage, which is in front of the World of Disney Store. PHOTO PROVIDED

Join the Seahorse Chorale next week for their Seahorse Chorale Spectacular show, which will include pieces celebrating the holiday season, as well as other favorites, to raise money for the middle school students to travel to Walt Disney World in February.

Last year then Steel Drumming Band traveled to Walt Disney World to perform.

“It was such a wonderful experience for both myself and for my students,” The Sanibel School Music Director Joey Giangreco said. “It was wonderful to have the opportunity to perform for the guests at Walt Disney World and to perform on that big of a stage. It’s something that those kids still talk about today and they will remember for years to come.”

Since it was such a great experience, he said he wanted to have an experience of the same nature this year, but with a different group.

“I had, without telling the students, secretly recorded audition videos of the Seahorse Chorale, which is our middle school choir, and submitted them to Walt Disney World, along with our application and other audition requirement,” Giangreco said. “After some time waiting, I found out luckily that we were accepted to perform. I was very excited.”

Once his students found out the excitement intensified.

Friday, Feb. 23, the Seahorse Chorale, around 16 sixth, seventh and eighth grade students, will perform at Disney Springs at the MarketPlace Stage, which is in front of the World of Disney Store.

“That’s going to be a prime location and a memorable location for the kids, and myself, as well,” Giangrecco said. “We are going to be on a world stage. A trip like this is such a big deal to get to perform at Disney. Disney is a place that perhaps some have been going to for years. And some perhaps have never been to. To have an opportunity to perform at such a big place, that is something they will remember for a long time. It’s going to be such a musically enriching experience for them.”

Three songs have already been selected for the performance “My Shot,” “O America,” and “Song of the River.”

On Tuesday, Dec. 19, a Seahorse Chorale Spectacular performance will be held at 7 p.m., which also includes the Steel Drumming Band, at The Sanibel School. Admission is $5 and the community is welcome to attend. The performance will include holiday favorites, other favorites, and the three songs to be featured at Walt Disney World.

“All of the money raised that evening will support the Disney trip and go towards helping to finance that trip for the students. There will also be a concession stand at the performance as well. Again all the proceeds will go to the trip,” Giangrecco said.

Other fundraising events are forthcoming. Those who would like to donate funds to the Walt Disney World trip can do so by dropping off a check made payable to the school at the front office.

The Seahorse Chorale is a fairly new ensemble, due to it officially forming last school year.

“For a new group to perform at Walt Disney World is such a big deal and a great honor for us,” Giangrecco said.

Since the music director’s personal background stems in choir, choral and vocal music, he wanted to bring that expertise to the Sanibel School, as well as sharing his love of choir music.

“I think it’s a great avenue for students to be able to sing without necessarily having a solo, but be able to sing as part of ensemble and team to create beautiful music. It’s such a wonderful experience that I think is a crucial part of the student’s education,” he said. “For such a small school, to have the talent here is amazing.”

This year the student’s debut performance took place at The Sanibel School for their annual Veterans Day program. Veterans were invited to the school, so the students could honor their service, as well as the United States of America.

Just recently they were invited to perform at the Sanibel Rotary Club’s holiday party at the Sanctuary. Giangrecco said the Seahorse Chorale was the main group for entertainment.

“It was a joy and privilege to perform. We were met with a warm response,” he said.

Other performances included the Sanibel Community Thanksgiving Celebration at the Community House, and the Fall Music Showcase.