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Poetic License: Where were you on December 7, 1941?

By Staff | Dec 6, 2017

In the back storage room

of our family bodega sitting

on a sack of kidney beans,

listening to the Football Giants-Dodgers game

when the announcer interrupted

to report that the Japanese

had sneak- attacked us and my brother

ran to the front of the store

to tell my mother and the customers

while I took advantage of the distraction

to sneak two maraschino cherries

from the jar they thought

they had hidden from me,

then I listened to the game

and more news and a whole gang

of my brother’s friends came into the store,

all talking at once, saying how they

would all go together

to the recruiting offices

in Times Square tomorrow morning

to sign up before the war ended

because we were sure

to beat the “Japs” quickly

but they changed it to the afternoon

because my brother had school

and one of the others had a job;

the Giants lost

and I went into the front of the store,

my brother asked me the score of the game,

and I told him:

“Ace Parker did it to us again.”