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Captiva Community Panel discusses a myriad of topics during last Tuesday’s meeting

By Staff | Nov 22, 2017

After years of working on the Captiva Community Plan, the plan was presented to the Local Planning Agency by members of the Captiva Community Panel last month and was unanimously approved. A public hearing for the plan will be held today.

“We are very confident that this plan is going to get passed,” said David Mintz, vice president of the Captiva Community Panel. “As far as we can see, it’s a done deal.”

Mintz also added that the fact that they were very transparent about the plan helped in their favor.

“At the LPA meeting, one of the questions that the members of the LPA have repeatedly asked was whether we had meetings in Captiva about the plan. The fact that we do this in the Sunshine, in the public, open, repeatedly sometimes, is very important,” Mintz said.

Now, the panel will focus on developing the Captiva Code.

“Our job for the next two years is to develop the code, regulations, the ordinances, ways of enforcing all of our goals, objectives and policies by revising and looking at our code. Whatever we think is important that’s what we have to do but it has to be consistent with our plan,” Mintz said.

Additionally, panel member Mike Lanigan discussed ways on keeping Captiva Drive safer. Lanigan spoke about possibly adding speed measurement signs.

“We may ultimately get community feedback on it,” Lanigan said.

While on the topic of wastewater, Mintz said that TKW Consulting will be doing a feasibility scope of study over the next 4-6 months about wastewater options for Captiva over the next 30 years. The panel is looking to hold a public meeting sometime in January to discuss the options.

During the meeting, Mintz also announced that the Captiva Drive survey is completed.

“We’re going to meet with (Lee County) Utilities, starting with LCEC because some of the utilities have to be moved for the 6 foot walking path from the (Captiva) Post Office to Andy Rosse Lane,” Mintz said.

After the panel meets with LCEC, they will meet with the property owners to discuss the walking path since it will be cutting into some property. Some of the property the walking path will affect is South Seas Island Resort, The Bubble Room parking lot, a strip mall, an antique store and the Robert Rauschenberg Foundation.

“I met with the Rauschenberg directors yesterday and they seem to be very supportive of (the walking path) and that’s very encouraging,” Mintz said.

Lastly, the panel announced that there are two open seats. Although Dave Jensen and David Mintz are looking to be re-elected, the public is still welcome to apply.

Other reports

The Captiva Erosion Prevention District announced that the post-Irma physical survey is completed. The report will tell how much sand Captiva lost during the storm.

“The report will include a comparison of all the projects we’ve done. Our last monitoring survey was done in April and May of 2017,” said Kathy Rooker, administrator of the Captiva Erosion Prevention District.

FEMA is currently waiting for the report so they can assist CEPD. The full report is expected to be done by December.

“As small as we are, (FEMA) is very much aware of us and are working closely with us,” Rooker said.

Sgt. Mike Sawicki said during the meeting that they will start enforcing the night time closure at Turner Beach.

Lisa Riordan of the Captiva Memorial Library Board announced that the Captiva Memorial Library will welcome a full-time librarian beginning Dec. 1.