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In the Garden: Spider plant: Great house plant

By Staff | Nov 8, 2017

The house plant Chlorophytum comosum, also known as the spider plant, is a highly durable and trusted indoor and outdoor species for south Florida. This hardy plant is native to a large number of regions of Africa, and is characterized by its long linear leaves that are variegated white and green. This popular indoor species has gained the Royal Horticultural Society’s Award of Garden Merit.

Their flowers are small, white and have a star like shape. When planted in a hanging basket, these plants are known for their cascading form over the edges. This characteristic is where the spider plant derives its name as its spiderettes hang over the edge. When planted outside in the South Florida garden, the spider plant can be used as a very beautiful ground cover that adds a mix of variegated greens and whites.

The spider plant is very tolerant of dry or humid air. This unique species is also tolerant of drought and prolonged lack of water making it perfect for people who forget to water their plant. The spider plant will survive in shady locations but does best in bright light. To propagate the spider plant, the elongated stalks that grow out of the top of the plant can be rooted easily. The root mass of the spider plant can also be divided when the plant gets overcrowded inside its pot.

If you would like an easy houseplant to add to your lanai or deck, the spider plant is just the one for you.

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