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Planning Commission allows continuance for boat lift and dock, discusses pitched roofs

By Staff | Nov 1, 2017

A Sanibel Estates couple may be able to build a second boat lift and dock adjacent to their property after the Planning Commission unanimously gave their OK for continuance during a meeting Tuesday, Oct. 24.

The couple needed a variance because, according to the Land Development Code, each lot on Sanibel may only have one boat lift and one dock. The variance will be heard again in the future.

The dock will be located between 630 Lighthouse Way and 632 Lighthouse Way.

The second public hearing involved allowing the reconstruction of an existing accessory dock structure with a boat lift facility to extend waterward more than 20 percent of the adjacent canal’s length. The variance application for continuance was submitted by Stokes Marine and was passed with one extension. The variance will be heard again at the Nov. 14 meeting. The parcel of land is located at 2475 Tropical Way.

During the meeting, the Planning Commission also discussed height limits for buildings to accommodate pitched roofs on three-story multi-family buildings in the resort housing district.

Planning Director Jim Jordan said that will be looking at approximately 70 properties.

“There are about 30-40 properties that aren’t in the (resort housing) district, that could never be considered for this particular ordinance because they’re outside of the district,” Jordan said.

Vice Chairman Holly Smith said that because she did not receive the information she requested from Jordan on the pitched roofs, she would like to further discuss the subject during the Nov. 14 meeting once more information is provided.

“My concern is that we might be not taking this at a level we that should be looking at it because if there a limited number of properties that could be impacted that are outside of the resort housing district. They could fit under this resolution then I think that we really need to look at that. That’s why I did request if there were any properties there might not be any properties, then my question would be answered but not having the information that I did request to go forward with this discussion (makes me) very uncomfortable making any sort of a decision today that could be impacted by the information that was not brought forth,” Smith said.

Smith also noted that she would like to see if any other additional properties could benefit from a pitched roof since they are stronger than flat roofs during storms.

Commissioner Chuck Ketteman, along with other planning commission members, agreed with Smith’s stance. Ketteman said he’d like to see more information before he makes a decision.

“This is about what are the rules around the island,” Ketteman said. “I don’t want to consider this now until we see all the information because that’s not how we work around here.”

The planning commission unanimously agreed to further discuss pitched roofs during the Nov. 14 meeting.