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A matter of priority

By Staff | Nov 1, 2017

To the editor:

All of Lee County:

“Tourism gets a boost,” Lee County Commissioners “will make the call,” Tourism council endorses $700,000 in additional spending to increase awareness of beaches, …etc.

The money will come from the bed tax reserve fund which commissioners say should be tapped for “true emergencies.” Commissioner Cecil Pendergrass calls this a “rainy day” situation.

What do the county commissioners call the debris stacked alongside the county and city roads as a result of Irma?

We are being told it could take months to remove the first loads. We citizens pay our taxes all year long. Visitors pay only when they are here. It’s a given that all the roads leading to tourism dollars will be clean. How about the roads around our homes?

John A. Mays Sr.

Lehigh Acres