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Chicago Beef Guy reopens in Cape Coral

By Staff | Oct 20, 2017

Chicago Beef Guy was at full capacity for the lunch rush as doors reopened at its new location on Del Prado Boulevard in Cape Coral Wednesday.

Customers from all over the community flocked to the restaurant and then patiently waited so as to get their fill of Chicago-style favorites.

Chicago Beef Guy was consistently busy, to the point where the restaurant had to close early after selling out.

Staff workers called out customers’ orders and placed them on the counter for pickup. On the other side of the establishment, foodies filled the air with their chatter as they munched on their meals.

One of the owners, Jordan Suchomel, described how busy the reopening of the establishment was.

“Everyone was so great with everything, they were understanding. At one point it was an hour and a half wait, everybody had no problem waiting,” Suchomel said. “We have a full new staff, so training has been hard. They were training as orders were coming in, but overall we didn’t have too much mess ups on orders, we didn’t have too many complaints.”

Cubs and Bears posters, among other Chicago-based sports memorabilia, line the walls of Chicago Beef Guy.

Suchomel discussed how the process went in regards to relocating the restaurant from Santa Barbara Boulevard to Del Prado Boulevard.

“The process went good. The city of Cape Coral really helped us out,” Suchomel said. “As for the remodeling of the place, we made it personalized to us. We did run into a problem with construction workers getting the jobs done, but overall the job got done.”

Suchomel also explained why Chicago Beef Guy relocated in the first place.

“We wanted to be in a populated strip mall to have more visibility and near more offices so we can offer more to the local businesses, just getting in more foot traffic for us,” Suchomel said.”

The Chicago-style menu includes Italian beef sandwiches that can either be dry or soaked in their natural gravy sauce. With the sandwiches, the customers also have the option to add peppers or either mozzarella or cheddar cheese to enhance the original Chicago dish.

A new customer from Fort Myers enjoyed her first experience at the restaurant.

“I’ve never had Chicago-style food before, so I didn’t know what to expect, but I was pleasantly surprised,” she said. “I got the Italian beef sandwich with mozzarella dipped in gravy, and it was good. I would definitely come here and have the sandwich again.”

The restaurant’s Facebook page is filled with glowing reviews of the food.

“I’m originally from Chicago and I can honestly say this place is home away from home,” one customer raved. “This is my third time here and I’ve got to say everything is authentic Chicago-style food.”

For the future of Chicago Beef Guy, Suchomel sees a bright future for the restaurant.

“We definitely want to do more catering so we can sell beef by the pound to get a lot more local businesses and to have to-go orders,” Suchomel said. “We actually want to open up a second location depending on how successful we are at our new location.”?Southwest Floridians are sure to be rooting for the restaurant to be successful in the future.

The restaurant is at 1127 Del Prado Blvd South Unit A & B.