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It comes back to us every time!

By Staff | Oct 18, 2017

To the editor:

The other morning- a beautiful Sunday morning and the first day of October – I went for a long walk that included walking through the Florida SouthWestern State College campus, a lovely, well appointed and beautifully landscaped campus. I saw on each trash receptacle a sign that read thank you for keeping our campus clean. Nice, at first thought. I smiled. Then I thought, but wait a minute. There was a time when that sign wouldn’t have been necessary. Littering was simply something you didn’t do. Littering was considered slovenly, contemptible, and lazy. Putting your trash in the proper, provided receptacle was a quality of good breeding and character. A courtesy consciously-cum-reflexively chosen. And, truth be told, a sign of self-respect.

It’s amazing, if we think about it, how much money is spent – at every level of organization and government – to remind us of what was once common sense and common courtesy (the latter almost a forgotten attribute today) and to protect us from our own lack of, and lapses in, same.

FSW is a beautiful campus and a joy to walk through and linger in. So many views at every turn which, if I pause with the intention of taking it in, make me smile and take a deep, nourishing breath.

The signs on the trash receptacles remind me that effective, well-lubricated, nurturing organization and government at all levels, begin with each of us. Choosing to do the rational, respectful, right thing. It comes back to us every time!

Larry Witzleben

Fort Myers