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CCFD open house: Get a firefighters’ welcome

By Staff | Oct 12, 2017

This Saturday, Cape Coral residents will get to meet the people whose job it is to save your home from fire.

The city’s 10 Cape Coral Fire Dept. fire stations will hold open houses from 9 a.m. to noon, featuring fun and educational activities for adults and children to enjoy.

Each station will provide visitors the opportunity to tour the station, meet firefighters, and learn about the fire apparatus and equipment.

There will also be fun, educational, and different public safety displays and activities at each station. Giveaways and games with prizes (while they last) will also be at each station.

Andrea Schuch, CCFD spokesperson, said this is the third year the fire stations have put on activities at the fire stations.

She said they are used as a way to let nearby residents know where the fire stations are in proximity to their homes.

“It encourages people to stop by and learn where they are in the city. Some of them even have specialties such as dive teams and hazardous materials,” Schuch said. “It’s neat to learn the similarities and differences between the fire stations.”

Among the activities include SWAT and K-9 demonstrations, an obstacle course, extrication demonstrations, vehicles and helicopters and more.

The open house is the culminating event for National Fire Prevention Week, which is Oct. 8 to 14. Fire Prevention Week provides fire departments the opportunity to remind the public about the importance of fire prevention.

Each year the National Fire Protection Agency develops a theme for Fire Prevention Week. This year’s is “Every Second Counts: Plan 2 Ways Out.”

“Often you only have three minutes or less to get out of the house. We don’t want people to wonder how to get out,” Schuch said. “We’re trying to create muscle memory so people can go home and practice the fire escape plan.”

With all these things to remember, people are sure to have lots of questions for the firefighters. Schuch said they should be able to answer them.

“People have a lot of questions for them and they don’t have the opportunity to ask or think about. Firefighters have a lot of tricks that help them respond faster,” Schuch said. “They keep their boots and pants together, and finish getting dressed on the truck rather than at the station because it would delay them.”

The locations of the stations and the activities at each are as follows:

Station 1, 4610 Coronado Parkway, will have pet safety information and adoptable dogs from the Gulf Coast Humane Society.

* Station 2, 701 Nicholas Parkway, will have CCPD SWAT and K-9 demonstrations.

* Station 3, 1627 Everest Parkway, will have a LCEMS ambulance on display for visitors to tour and CCPD fingerprinting for kids.

* Station 4, 2007 Santa Barbara Boulevard, will have a junior firefighter obstacle course.

* Station 5, 1029 Diplomat Parkway, will host the Florida Forest Service who will be bringing a bulldozer and Smokey Bear.

* Station 6, 4540 Chiquita Parkway, will have vehicle extrication demonstrations and a Lee County Sheriff’s Officer with his patrol car.

* Station 7, 3942 Burnt Store Road N, and Station 10, 3623 Gator Circle West, will have CCFD Open House activities.

* Station 8, 707 SW 1st Street, will have LeeFlight and Lee County Mosquito Control helicopters on display for visitors to tour.

* Station 9, 4107 Pelican Boulevard, will have an inflatable interactive fire safety smoke house for visitors to experience.