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Pick and choose

By Staff | Oct 11, 2017

To the editor:

The talk that covers our media today concerns matters of gun control. Regardless where you stand on the issue one cannot simply disregard the protections of the Second Amendment. These Amendments were put in place to protect us from the excesses of government. If we parse this Amendment and retain only portions that some agree with, what other Amendments should we also autopsy?

It was the long shadow of history which was a serious ingredient to the Framers of our Constitution. And they focused on one major point. To produce a better country with laws that protected the people from their government.

Few if any of us agree on everything so why should the subject of gun control be any different. As for attempting to discover the reason for the Las Vegas shootings would be as senseless as performing triage on a corpse.

Our political viewpoints drive many of our actions and few cure all the problems. There are NO laws that would have prevented the mass shootings in Las Vegas. If there were we would not have, or be able to enjoy, the other many fine qualities of this country.

Joseph Kibitlewski

Cape Coral