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Additional square footage approved for Sea Glass Lane

By Staff | Oct 11, 2017

Sea Glass Lane received approval from City Council to expand its space into two units for a total of 2,765 square feet.

Planner Benjamin Pople said the conditional use permit is for a single unit approximately 2,765 square feet of commercial space for Sea Glass Lane, at Periwinkle Place Shopping Center.

“The intent of the ordinance was to help preserve Sanibel’s economic viability and diversity, community character and unique composition of island-serving commercial land uses,” he said. “The other intent was to provide opportunities to smaller local businesses to open on the island.”

The smaller unit, comprised of 767 square feet is the existing unit of Sea Glass Lane. It is located next to Cargo, 1,884 square feet, which Sea Glass Lane wants to take over. The Cargo unit had previously been combined with a unit above, less than 2,000 square feet, to incorporate an interior staircase.

The location of Sea Glass Lane is in the back southwest corner of Periwinkle Place Shopping Center. On the first floor, Pople said at the August Planning Commission meeting, the wall that is separating the two units, will be removed and combined to an existing space.

Within Periwinkle Place there are currently 11 non-combined, single commercial unit spaces, including unit 19, which is the current Sea Glass Lane location.

The applicant, Sea Glass, is a single business and not part of a chain.

“Apart from the general benefits of having an on island business that serves local residents, as well as the tourists sector, you have a business tax receipt and business generated locally. Employees who work on the island,” Pople said.

He said this is the first application that is requesting more than 2,000 square feet in the decade since the ordinance was adopted.

Sea Glass Lane Manager and Partner Lisa Golle said they will be expanding their clothing line and adding jewelry with the expanded space during the August Planning Commission meeting.

Vice Mayor Mick Denham opposed and Councilman Jason Maughan abstained.