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Divided we fall

By Staff | Oct 4, 2017

To the editor:

I totally respect the opinion of Louis Robinson of Fort Myers. However, these issues about the statues in my estimation is ridiculous. These are people looking to make trouble and are actually funded by those who are trying to create dissension in this country. They are not looking to solve problems.

First of all there is a statue of Vladimir Lennon (one of the founders of communism) in Seattle, Washington. Should we tear that statue down? I personally don’t think so. This probably makes me a hated conservative. My opinion is that statues should be left in place to provide learning opportunities. The race problem in this country was nearly dissolved until we elected our last presidential leader. He proceeded to throw hand grenades into race relations at every opportunity. I am not sure how long it will take to heal those wounds. I do not think that destruction of property and removal of history and rewriting history are in the best interest of a “free people.” One has to know how one got to the place they now occupy.

What is really disheartening to me is that the left-wing has become so obsessed with color. That is the bigotry. I personally don’t care whether someone is yellow, brown or pink. I care what is in their heart and how they treat other people. But that’s not what the left believes. They lump everybody in one category or another so that they can gain power. Why would they put most Planned Parenthood operations into black communities more than white communities? Go back and look at the history of Planned Parenthood and its author, Margaret Sanger, and really dig into who started it. It was not conservatives.

Dr. Bruce Bielfelt