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Florida Department of State will launch online voter registration website on Sunday

By Staff | Sep 29, 2017

The Florida Department of State will launch the new online voter registration website, RegisterToVoteFlorida.gov, on Sunday, Oct. 1.

The website will offer Florida residents another way to register to vote or update an existing registration that is convenient, secure and easy-to-use, officials witht eh Lee County Elections Office said. The website is ADA compliant; it includes accessibility features for persons with disabilities. It is available in English and Spanish.

Any Florida resident who is eligible to vote or is already registered to vote in Florida can use the online voter registration website.

To submit an online voter registration application through RegisterToVoteFlorida.gov a person will need a Florida driver license or a Florida state identification and the last four digits of their Social Security number. If they do not have a Florida driver license or state identification card or Social Security number, they can still use the website to complete their application but will have to print, sign and deliver it by mail or in-person to one of the four office locations of the Lee County Supervisor of Elections.

The online voter registration application requires a person to input the issued date of the Florida driver license or state identification as an additional safeguard to protect against someone using another person’s identity to register to vote.

The Florida Department of State has taken multiple steps to ensure the safety of online voter registration, officials said. The safeguards include a state-of-the-art firewall, data encryption, captcha boxes, session time-out after inactivity and the use of multi-screens. Additionally, there is no retention of data within the RegisterToVoteFlorida.gov website.

“The department’s online voter registration website includes security measures to help ensure the identity of the voter is true and accurate while also protecting a voter’s personal information,” a release from the Lee Elections Office released Friday states. “They require additional fields of information that only the person seeking to register or change an existing registration should know. All of this information is verified in real-time in order for a person to complete the application process online. If the information cannot be verified, a person is not able to move forward with submitting the application electronically.

“Online voter registration works the same way as the traditional paper application process, except a voter fills it out online and submits the application electronically to election officials.,” the release adds.

For more information about elections, candidates, voter registration, early voting, vote-by-mail requests, precinct locations, poll workers, and Community Education Services events, visit lee.vote or call LEE – VOTE (533-8683).

Source: Lee County Elections Office