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Cape’s Yacht Club Beach reopens after Hurricane Irma

By Staff | Sep 28, 2017

The Yacht Club Beach is open once again after suffering severe erosion due to Hurricane Irma. High water levels caused the erosion along the beach, which was a safety concern.

Ten truckloads of sand were used to fill the most needed areas and to make the playground, picnic areas and pavilions safe. More sand will be needed in the future to fully restore the beach.

The Florida Department of Health tested the water quality at the Yacht Club Beach and the water is safe for swimming.

The pier, boat ramp and enclosed beach pavilion remain closed for repairs.

The storm damaged the docks along the boat ramp and also deposited between 2-3 feet of sand onto the ramp area.

An inspection of the pier found that several repairs are needed to the handrails due to loosened and/or missing bolts/nuts/washers and the pier pavilion is in need of new hurricane tie-down brackets.