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Bring back the draft

By Staff | Sep 20, 2017

To the editor:

The all voluntary military began as a discriminatory practice excluding the rich and educated, while targeting the middle class, poor ,and minorities to serve. This practice has continued for many years and will not change as long as our government find it fills the purpose. The fact that it is discriminatory and targets some has no meaning.

The groups affected have no knowledge of this. They are unaware that they were targeted and now this is a part of their culture.

When opportunities are limited, they can always turn to joining the military. Some join instead of completing their education and moving to more rewarding opportunities in other fields. Their lives are unfortunately disrupted and many are killed. In some cases we have military families. Quite possibly these could have been teaching families or medical families.

Most people serve our country in some way. However, to use trickery to target a group unsuspected is dastardly. Really, would we have fought in Iraq, and still be there, and would we have continue to fight in Afghanistan for 16 years if we had not had voluntary forces to do it?

We need to change.

Lewis Robinson

Fort Myers