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Puleio named to District 5 seat

By Staff | Sep 18, 2017

Dan Puleio has 49 days to make his mark on the Cape Coral City Council. While that’s a short period of time, there is a bevy of legislation he will have to decide upon, from land use issues to the budget.

Puleio was named to temporarily fill the District 5 city council seat during a special meeting Monday at City Hall. Puleo will fill the seat vacated by Rana Erbrick, who was required to resign as she is running for mayor in November.

Puleio was sworn in and began his brief term at the beginning of the regular meeting later that afternoon.

Puleio was among the three applicants approved to advance to the interview process in a meeting that lasted about 15 minutes.

“Between Hurricane Irma and this, my head is spinning. I’m looking forward to serving and getting a taste of what it’s like being in city government,” Puleio said. “I don’t have an agenda, it’s only seven weeks. I’m going in and get acquainted with the issues, especially the budget.”

Puleio, James David Schneider and Scott Branan each talked about themselves and their qualifications, while city council interviewed them on their understanding and views on the issues, the budget and Sunshine Laws.

Puleio, a five-year resident, was a member of the CRA Advisory Board from 2013 to 2016, as well as a member of the Rotary, the Cape Coral Construction Industry Association, the Cape Coral Builder’s Alliance, the Government Affairs Committee and the Chamber of Commerce.

Six of the seven council members voted in favor of Puleo in preliminary voting, then voted him in unanimously.

Councilmember Richard Leon said he wanted someone who was knowledgeable of the matters at hand, and Puleio fit the bill with his previous experience.

“There’s no training. There are a lot of issues we’re going to discuss tonight, especially after the emergency we had with Irma,” Leon said. “They need to know the Sunshine Laws and the budget, and they’re not happening in two months, they’re happening now.”

Leon said with Puleio, there won’t be a learning curve, as he is well-versed on the issues, especially land use, the budget and the aftermath of Hurricane Irma.

“He’s sat on a board, so he knows and knows the process of how we run a meeting,” Leon said. “He’ll be able to jump in and give his opinions as a member of District 5.”