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LCEC ‘working 24/7’ to restore power

By Staff | Sep 18, 2017

With 14 percent of customers still without power, LCEC and hundreds or restoration workers continue to work around the clock restore service to customers waiting for restoration after Hurricane Irma, LCEC officials said Monday morning.

* Reminder of how restoration works

The LCEC plan, matching most utility restoration plans, requires that main power lines and critical infrastructure be restored first. Once accomplished, the 500 crews involved in restoration will begin to repair smaller outages in hundreds of neighborhoods across the five-county LCEC territory. Although a customer may not have seen trucks at their location, they will be there to make repairs as major infrastructure repair is completed and those systems are able to bring power into the neighborhoods.

* The plan is working

Restoration crews are finding many fallen trees, scattered debris, standing water, and major devastation in some areas due to the hurricane. These are obstacles they are trained and equipped to overcome and they will continue to work aggressively until all power has been restored. Out-of-state crews were deployed prior to the hurricane’s impact and addition crews have been arriving as planned to assist with the final stages of restoration. Resources have been deployed to all parts of the service territory and will remain until customers in those areas have been restored. Customers can rest assured the LCEC restoration plan is a good one and it is working as designed.

* If you are still out of power, how can you help?

1. Be patient. It is frustrating to be without power for an extended period of time. LCEC and all of the workers, with support from their families, are committed to restoring power as quickly and safely as possible. For safety and efficiency, please do not interrupt crews while they are working.

2. If you are the only one on your street without power. Check to be sure your breaker is on. If so, report your outage at www.lcec.net.

3. Check to see if pipes or wires at the meter box are bent or broken. If so, you must have a licensed electrician make repairs so that LCEC can restore power.

4. If the meter is damaged, LCEC will replace the meter to restore power.

Source: LCEC