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Hurricane Irma clean up for gated communities – what you need to know?

By Staff | Sep 18, 2017

Hurricane Irma recovery efforts are underway across Lee County, including gated communities.

The Lee Board of County Commissioners has requested FEMA to authorize collection of debris from gated communities in order to protect the health and safety of residents. In anticipation of federal authorization, debris collection countywide started last weekend. It will take time to make it to every impacted street. Many Lee County streets have several tons of debris for disposal.

Disaster debris contractors are already on the road picking up brush and other horticultural debris in road rights-of-way. Debris removal teams and resources continue to be added daily. We currently have trucks in the southern and eastern portions of the county where heavy amounts of horticulture debris is lining roadways.

* What do you need to do?

The most important thing you can do is get your debris to the curb for collection crews.

Do not collect and consolidate debris in common areas; it may not be eligible for collection unless it remains in front of your home.

Keep separate piles for yard debris, construction and demolition debris including furniture, appliances and electronics. See leegov.com/solidwaste for more information and a diagram of proper set out.

Do not place bagged yard waste in your debris piles.

It’s important to know that mixed piles will not be collected.

Be patient. Your street will be cleaned of debris.

There will be frequent updates regarding the location of debris crews. Please be sure to check media sources and the Lee County Solid Waste website regularly and ensure that debris is properly staged for collection at the curb.

The Lee County Solid Waste Division is a nationally-recognized enterprise system providing residents and businesses safe, affordable waste disposal and recycling services. The system utilizes an energy-from-waste combustion process to create clean, renewable energy and single-stream recycling for material recovery. For more information visit our website at leegov.com/solidwaste.