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Let us get on with it

By Staff | Sep 12, 2017

To the editor:

I must admit I have guilt feelings. I know that we should have had this discussion about race long ago. Many like me have been waiting for someone else to start. This current crisis (with recent events) has exacerbated this issue. It now involves multiple groups very diverse, who are also oppressed.

This oppressor is old-group and school culture hoping to maintain the old social order that keep them elevated to a position of quasi-superiority.

I say to this, no way! The order must change and realistically has changed, but the new order is not acceptable to the old group determined to keep others suppressed.

We must look to new leadership from SURJ (Stand Up For Racial Justice), and Black Lives Matter, and others, working with the NAACP and other old groups.

African Americans have been targeted, yes I said targeted. Now the target is very diverse.

African Americans have been negligent for not standing up. They should be willing to lead this discussion.

I cannot allow this to pass to my grandchildren. All sculptures, all monuments, all portraits, all names, etc. must change. These tools of the old culture used to oppress will not be tolerated.

Let us get on with this and start today.

Lewis Robinson

Fort Myers