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Congressman Rooney tours Cape Coral’s EOC

By Staff | Sep 12, 2017

U.S. Congressman Francis Rooney toured the Emergency Operations Center in Cape Coral on Tuesday to thank all the city staff and volunteer workers for their hard work during this Hurricane Irma event that has affected the entire state of Florida.

“We are now in the recovery phase,” Rooney said. “It is heartwarming to see the citizens helping each other. There’s a lot to do, but we will rise to the challenge.”

Arguably the top priority for many residents is the availability of gasoline for their vehicles, generators and power tools. Lines of cars 40 to 60 deep were reported at several pump locations in Lee County.

“Fuel deliveries are ongoing again at Tampa and Port Ever-glades,” Rooney said. “Those deliveries are bolstering supplies at gas stations. A lot of fuel is coming in and hopefully by the weekend the shortage will start to ease off.”

Rooney said parts of Naples fared well through the storm much like Cape Coral. North Naples, East Naples and Estero were hit with a lot of water because the Imperial River overflowed its banks.

“Marco Island was the worst hit,” Rooney said. “I’m going there tomorrow to survey the damage.”

Rooney stayed in Washington, D.C., to pass a $22 billion disaster relief bill on Friday and was disappointed in fellow legislators who did not stay to vote on the bill.

“I was hired to represent the people in my district in Southwest Florida,” Rooney said. “We flew in yesterday on a plane full of supplies, like water, medical supplies and pet food and got that to agencies that distributes them.”

He said Gov. Rick Scott has done a great job of getting the message out, especially for everyone to take the evacuation seriously.

At its peak, 6.7 million Floridians were without power, millions of them still waiting for service to be restored. The state’s largest power company, Florida Power & Light, has an army of more than 19,000 people working to restore power to 4.4 million of its customers.