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Power outages affect 34,000

By Staff | Sep 10, 2017

LCEC currently has 34,000 customer out of power throughout our service territory.

LCEC crews have discontinued to restore power during the feeder bands due to high sustained winds. LCEC WILL NOT TURN THE POWER OFF INTENTIONALLY. Once it is unsafe to work, we will let Irma run her course. Then we will begin restoration efforts.

When it is safe to work LCEC will:

1. Assess the damage

2. Restore power to essential services such as hospital, first responders, shelters

3. Restore main power circuits on the main arteries

4. Restore feeder lines

5. Restore areas that have the most damage

6. Restore single outages

7. Return to restore areas that could not be restored due to damage to the customers infrastructure. (Due to damage)

Source: LCEC