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Lee County Emergency Management offers tips for shelter stay

By Staff | Sep 8, 2017

Lee County Emergency Management is reminding evacuees to make preparations before going to a shelter.

Shelters offer only simple necessities. It is possible that the electricity will go out during part of your stay in the shelter.

South Fort Myers High School and East Lee County High School are designated as pet-friendly shelters, but other shelters have some pet capacity through the efforts of Lee County Domestic Animal Services.

Food and water generally will be available, but there may be a slight delay in initial service. If you want or need special food items, bring them with you.

Register with shelter staff when arriving and check out when leaving for any reason.

A positive attitude will be helpful to everyone. Going to a shelter in advance of a hurricane is stressful for all. Shelters are crowded and noisy. Being considerate will help remind others to do the same. Consider volunteering to help the shelter staff.

Some items recommended to bring to a shelter include:

Drinking water

Snacks or special foods

Lawn chair or bed roll

Books, magazines or electronic entertainment item with headphones

Medications (prescription & over the counter)

Change of clothing/personal hygiene items

Listen for official information and do not participate in rumors or gossip. Ask the shelter staff for clarification, if necessary.

Weapons, smoking and alcoholic beverages are prohibited at all shelters.

For more about preparing to evacuate, view a video here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=ucI7BIIjS2Y

Source: Lee County