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First responder appreciation event set for 9/11

By Staff | Sep 7, 2017

The threat of Hurricane Irma has forced the cancellation of virtually every event across Lee County

But assuming first responders are not out rescuing and picking up the pieces after the storms goes through this weekend, they will be celebrated on Monday, Sept. 11, at Shoot Center Cape Coral, 1122 Del Prado Blvd., for a memorial appreciation event.

Shoot Center and Costa Mechanical & Air Conditioning will team up with Shoot Center to honor firefighters and EMS workers for their dedication to keeping residents safe.

Adrian Costa, owner of Costa Mechanical, has been doing good things for veterans and first responders, including free service calls and even units. Costa said he would foot the bill for any free shooting the EMS and firefighters do.

Last month, Costa rented out Blu Sushi and treated some 350 law enforcement officers to dinner.

And with an impending storm, Costa said he didn’t have any intention of cancelling it, barring an emergency.

“If there’s a disaster and everybody lost everything, I doubt they’ll be thinking about coming out to shoot. But we have no intention of calling it off,” Costa said. “We’re hoping that’s not the case.”

Aaron Forum, owner of Shoot Center, said they were planning a 9/11 event, and now they’re doing it, only this is for a certain group that doesn’t always get the credit they deserve.

“Adrian wanted to be involved and we’re doing a joint thing. I’ve wanted to do something for fire and EMS for a long time and it’s rare that they do anything just for them,” Forum said. “If we can give them something for free, we can give back in a small way. Not many people will risk their lives for you.”

First responders being honored will enjoy unlimited firearms rental and range time free of charge as a token of appreciation.

There will also be free food and craft beers outside for people to enjoy, but no drinking before shooting.

The event will be open from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. For more information, call 500-5772 or go to www.shootcenter.com