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It is time to think

By Staff | Aug 23, 2017

To the editor:

It was an overwhelming majority of the states that Donald Trump became President, and yet he, as well as his followers, is constantly barraged by hateful comments and hopes for assassination. Such sentiment needs to be fueled constantly to be as sustainable as it is some nine months since the election. One must look for the common denominator to discover why this political phenomenon was given life.

The seeds of this contretemps for conservatism were perhaps fertilized by the prison of academia in the 1960s and beyond. It was a time this country was directed to reach out to the underprivileged and to disdain those of accumulated wealth. We were, at that time, involved with the Vietnam War which confused many then as well as today, on why we were there at all.

The protest marches of the sixties were varied in scope. Some opposed the war, others sought racial parity and the rise of feminism was loud and clear. Poverty was to be ended! And hippies ruled the day.

And the media watched and listened and profited by those visual and vocal events. And did nothing!

With the political surge of the Democratic Party, on the heels of the assassination of President Kennedy, patriotic fever was rampant seeking a calmness we enjoyed before that fateful day. And “liberalism” reigned.

The media was in a feeding frenzy. But the seeds of propaganda issuing forth from them were growing. The Vietnam War was in full swing. The professors of the near future embraced the concept of making everyone equal. But what exactly did that mean? Equal by law was bastardized by “equality” in everything. Although the concept seems to be well intended it is sheer folly to attempt to put this into practice: And so social friction was beginning to rub back and forth. People became offended by the slightest slight. All manner of social interactions caused offense to someone and every attempt was employed to ensure that no one was offended. All were supposed to exhibit a common thought for actions and words. And the country became more divided, more offended.

And the media had more raw meat thrown into their maws. To speak against this insidious social formula was cause for being an outcast. Many actors in Hollywood spoke out for things that opposed the conservative narrative. And the raw meat was in abundance.

Then the presidential election of 2016 brought calamity to the liberals and their benefactors, the media: Donald Trump was elected, no, selected, by a substantial majority of the electoral votes. And the sky was failing in liberal land!

And now we have as a result the Party of Deplorables. This is a dynamic blending of citizens from both the Democrat and Republican Parties in concert to create or to recreate the patriotic emotions that this country was founded upon. The rest of the world is still in wonderment of the quality of life and of the enjoyed freedoms of those rights of our citizens that is protected by a fundamental document, ageless in purpose and singular in design. And that design was to protect its people from the tyranny of their government.

We see today riots and other forms of violent protest. The most egregious of all is the call to assassinate the President.

Think for a moment what that would cause. Think for a moment. Think!

Joseph L. Kibitlewski, PhD.

Cape Coral