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Let your views be known

By Staff | Aug 9, 2017

To the editor:

The Democrats in Washington should be more aggressive, seeking to satisfy the needs of this nation. They worked hard to hold onto the ACA but perhaps they need to work to get the entire healthcare reformed passed.

There is some hope (for progress )with their push back to the president by joining forces with the GOP against the attack on LBGT rights. However, we need strong push back on issues such as immigration, budget, taxes, and the environment.

Perhaps they should know how strongly this need is felt at the local level. Stimulation by action from the people may be necessary.

In addition, I fear that our nation is in trouble. We cannot depend upon Washington (GOP) to handle any urgent problem swiftly. Any threat ranging from external (i.e. North Korea, or Iran), or domestic, such as severe weather or terrorist attack. The division or distrust between Congress and the president, and between president, his administration and staff is very discomforting.

Lewis Robinson

Fort Myers