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Beach parking proposed to increase to $5 an hour

By Staff | Aug 9, 2017

A second hearing was scheduled for next month concerning beach parking fees, which has been proposed to increase from $4 to $5 an hour.

Vice Mayor Mick Denham offered a substitution for the ordinance, which included an increase in the nonresident, non-Sanibel ad valorem taxpayer property owner B and BC decals.

“I’m suggesting that we increase that at the same time,” Denham said, adding that he would like to keep the resident beach parking decal fees the same. “My reason for trying to do it this way is simply because it may be controversial, increasing parking fees. Instead of bringing it controversial twice. I am bringing it controversial once.”

City Attorney Ken Cuyler said when the City Council reaches their public hearing, they do not have to adopt any of the ordinance, or they can adopt part, or all of it.

The second hearing, scheduled for Sept. 11 at 9:20 a.m., Mayor Kevin Ruane said will offer the community an opportunity to provide their feedback about the proposed beach parking increases.

The amended ordinance, which will be discussed at the next council meeting, includes the increase in fees for the B decal from $99 to $124 and the BC decal from $198 to $248, and specified parking permit fees from $4 to $5 an hour.

“This amended motion allows us to have a discussion at the second public hearing,” Ruane said.