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Hillsborough runaways accused of vehicle theft arrested in Cape Coral

By Staff | Aug 8, 2017

Cape Coral police investigating a report of a stolen vehicle on Tuesday took two reported runaways into custody along with the Chrysler van they reportedly took from a group home in Hillsborough County.

The vehicle was parked at the Wawa at 1622 N.E .Pine Island Road and officers spotted the youths nearby next to the Outback Restaurant.

Officers recognized William Glisson, 16, and Johnny Peterson, 14, based on a “Be On Look Out” alert regarding their runaway status and the stolen vehicle., the CCPD said in a release issued Tuesday afternoon.

“Peterson threw the van keys to the ground upon spotting officers, and both boys were detained,” the release states.

Glisson and Peterson each were charged with grand theft auto and transported to the Juvenile Assessment Center.

Hillsborough County was notified of the recovery of the youths and of the Chrysler van.

Source: CCPD