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Thank you

By Staff | Aug 2, 2017

To the editor:

Dear Ms. Zimomra,

During my vacation on Sanibel Island on June 4, 2017, my life was saved by the actions of Officer John Eicher, who responded to a 911 call. He was the first person on the scene, and through the use of a defibrillator and then CPR, he resuscitated me until the paramedics arrived and took me to the Lee Health Park Center. As I came to learn later, I had died while my wife tried to administer CPR. As time was critical, the paramedics wasted no time to get me to the hospital, but one of your female paramedics waited for my wife to collect her belongings and personally escorted her to the emergency room. I was non-responsive and had suffered a heart attack, requiring stents and then received a hydrothermal therapy, a coma condition for 48 hours that restored my health.

Care and provisioning did not stop with life-giving actions, but Officer John Eicher visited my wife to inquire about my condition and offer any other assistance. Officer John Eicher made contact with F.I.S.H. OF SANCAP where Ms. Maggi Feiner assisted in providing lodging near the hospital, as my wife needed to vacate our timeshare on Friday and I remained in the hospital until that following Wednesday, a total of 10 days. Officer John Eicher also visited us while in the hospital, which gave me an opportunity to meet with him and truly appreciate all that happened to save my life.

To me, all these events are a miracle that God has granted in my life. Without the actions of Officer John Eicher and others, I would not be here today to convey my deepest appreciation for your city’s men and women who have dedicated their lives to the service of others. However, I have to commend Officer John Eicher as going above and beyond the call of duty to help my family during this crisis. The F.I.S.H. organization, under Ms. Maggi Feiner, provides an invaluable service to those in need and should be commended, as well. The paramedics are praised as well as without their timely assistance and speed of getting me to a hospital, the story may have ended differently. A special thanks to the female paramedic, who assisted my wife to the emergency room, as she brought comfort, care and compassion to my wife at a time of need.

My wish is to thank you for all that you have done, and to commend all of these individuals for their professionalism, dedication and care in their endeavor to help and save lives.


Antonio and Cynthia D’Andrea