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County landscaping project under way on Del Prado

By Staff | Jul 20, 2017

A section of Del Prado Boulevard is getting a facelift as part of the county’s Master Plan.

LeeScape, which is Lee County’s Roadway Landscaping Master Plan, calls for core-level landscaping for the center median of Del Prado, from Hancock Bridge Parkway to Pine Island Road. On July 10, the county began removing the existing landscape and vegetation to make room for the new landscape.

“The Core Level is the minimum landscaping level all designated roadways should receive,” county spokesman Tim Engstrom said via an email, referencing the LeeScape Master Plan. “It is the standard manner in which most roadways will be landscaped and maintained by Lee County.”

He continued that core-level landscaping emphasizes tree canopy with a sprinkling of “durable low-maintenance understory plantings,” where feasible, within the tree groupings.

Engstrom confirmed that canopy trees would be placed in the median.

“The impact and overall environmental benefit from canopy trees far outweighs other landscaping elements,” he said, again referencing the LeeScape Master Plan. “Canopy trees are the most visible and offer the most shade, and consequently provide the best cooling effect for paved areas.”

Approximately $79,913 has been budgeted for the project.

Engstrom noted that the work has an expected completion date of mid-August.