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Jimmy Jensen sounds on for American Legion Post 123

By Staff | Jul 12, 2017

Jimmy Jensen and Tony Smith with the Willie Jones satellite radio and sound system at Sanibel’s AL Post 123. KEN WILLIAMS

Next time you pull up to the Island’s fabled American Legion Post 123, your ears will perk up to the new crystal clean, clear and totally entertaining music coming from within, all thanks to Jimmy Jensen’s expertise and generosity in the memory of Sanibel and Legion legend Willie Jones.

Jimmy, the youngest of the three Jensen brothers of Jensen Marina fame, knows sound and music well, being one of the founders of The Troublestarters, a legendary local band. And, he was a great friend of the late Willie Jones, a local musician and loyal Legion member who had an early sound system both at our local Legion post and in his home.

“Our local Legion needed both a technical and a source update, so, in Willie’s memory and with Tony Smith’s technical help, we got both installed,” Jimmy explained.

“Tony and I removed the old stereo system and replaced it with a new, top-grade receiver, plus we upgraded the entire speaker system to a room by room mode,” Jimmy said with his trademark smile, then, added with an even bigger smile, “or all of them on at once when the music is really blasting, like if the Troublestarters are playing. The party goes on, crank up the music!”

A California native, Tony Smith is a long time Sanibel resident who was Willie’s roommate for awhile, as well as a fellow member of our Post 123. He is also a vital member of the Jensen’s Marina crew. Tony has been a good friend of Jimmy’s for years and is a true musical savant.

Some of the early Troublestarters, featuring Willie Jones, playing at Sanibel’s AL Post 123 in 2005. The Troublestarters here are drummer Kenny, plus Willie, Corky and Jimmy, all on guitar. J. DAVID TRUBY

The Legion’s original satellite radio system had come from Willie’s home, when Jimmy first moved it to The Legion. It, too, has now been replaced and upgraded. Though quietly modest about that, Jimmy has paid for all of that satellite service through these years as his personal contribution to our local American Legion Post.

J David Truby. A writer and author, is a self-described seasonal coward who winters with his wife Nancy at The Original Sanibel Arms Condos. He is also a pioneer player for the Baileyball Regulars, a Monday night pickup softball game. A U.S. Army vet, he is a long time member of Sanibel’s A. L. Post 123.