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Stress seminar to be held at the Community House

By Staff | Jul 5, 2017



To help manage workplace stress, F.I.S.H. will launch their “Stressed is Desserts Spelled Backwards” seminar at the Community House, 2173 Periwinkle Way, Tuesday, July 11, from noon to 1 p.m. The free seminar is funded by the Wells Fargo Community Award Grant.

Erika Graziani, outpatient dietitian at Lee Health and Sarah Mitchell, health and wellness coordinator for the Wellness Center in Cape Coral, will be the main speakers for the afternoon.

Graziani, who has worked with Lee Health since 2012, will touch upon lifestyle changes to help manage stress and share healthful eating tips.

“I will address the types and causes of stress as well as the different ways the body responds to stress. We will also touch on how we can manage stress effectively and keep it under control by eating properly, incorporating relaxing activities as well as exercise, and keeping up with your health care needs,” Graziani said.

Graziani credits her family which spurred her interest in eating healthy at an early age.

“Growing up, my grandparents and uncles were always taking interest in the health of my brothers and me. They would frequently talk to us about the importance of exercise, drinking water and eating healthy. They often said “everything in moderation.” All of my grandparents grew their own gardens, so fresh vegetables were almost always part of the meals we would enjoy together. Having three brothers and being the only girl drove me to be a competitive person. I viewed many things as a challenge and wanted to do my best at everything. From a young age, I challenged myself to be physically fit and to stay healthy, always having my uncles’ and grandparents’ influence in the back of my mind. As I went on to college, my interest in nutrition and health continued to grow. As I continued to compete in sports, I was also interested in how nutrition could impact my performance. In addition to having interest in my own health, I am passionate about helping and educating others about nutrition to improve their health,” Graziani said.

The second speaker, Sarah Mitchell will highlight how to manage stress at work and in daily life.

“Coming from the background of a wellness coach, I’ll talk about lifestyle – not just stress management. We’ll talk about finding your ‘why’, physical activity, nutrition, sleep, stress management and mental and behavioral health too. I cover all those areas and relate them all somehow into coping with stress,” Mitchell said.

At the Wellness Center, Mitchell runs their osteoarthritis, weight management and cardiovascular programs.

Registration for the program is due by July 6. To RSVP, call (239) 472-4775.