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Poetic License: Two weeks each year we live in style

By Staff | Jul 5, 2017


Two weeks each year we live in style

In mid-Manhattan, our native isle,

In landmark buildings still kept whole

By tenant sub-lets and rent control.

With Metrocards to ease our way

Unlimited half-fare night and day

Riding our hole under the ground:

The Bronx still up, the Battery down,

With miles we earn as frequent fliers

We fly Jet Blue up from Fort Myers

And satisfy our tennis jollies

With free days at the Open “Qualies”.

We’ll take in Art of every style

Along Manhattan’s Museum Mile,

The Met, Museo and Guggenheim

Show art from every place and time.

No muggers hiding in the dark,

Shakespeare’s now free in Central Park

And Broadway at its very best

With discounts from TKTS.

At the Cornelia Street Caf

We read our poems on Labor Day —

Then bid New York a fond farewell

To dwell year round on Sanibel.