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Meet The Breeze newsroom

By Staff | Jun 23, 2017

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Meet The Breeze newsroom

By Staff | Jun 23, 2017

The Cape Coral Breeze, like the city we have always called home, has seen a lot of changes in the last 56 years. However one thing has remained the same: The Breeze is Cape Coral’s community newspaper – your community newspaper – dedicated to the town we grew up in, the news that Cape readers want, and to the business community of which we are proud to be a part.

Today, invite you to meet the Breeze newsroom.

As pictured:

* Jim Linette

Sports Editor

47 years in the industry

22 years at The Breeze

“I love living on a canal and being on the water, attending sports events like Fort Myers Miracle and Spring Training. My main activity is playing racquetball and socializing with the great group of players that have been competing together for more than 20 years.”

* Susan Wilhelm

Page Designer

10 years in the industry

10 years at The Breeze

“I like that Cape Coral has such a large variety of shops and restaurants.”

* Tiffany Repecki

Associate Editor

16 years in the industry

13 years at The Breeze

“Since moving to Cape Coral more than a decade ago, I’ve seen quite a few changes take place in the city. One of my favorites has been watching the South Cape boom over the last couple of years with the creation of SCHEA. I believe the Cape’s downtown area has finally made its mark as a destination location – a place to eat and drink, play and stay – and it does not appear to be slowing down any time soon!”

* Chris Strine


38 years in the industry

33 years at The Breeze

“Having lived in Southwest Florida for 37 years, it’s been an adventure watching Cape Coral and the area grow, and being part of it, covering it in the newspaper business.”

* Valarie Harring

Executive Editor

30 years in the industry

21 years at The Breeze

“In the past two decades a lot of stories have crossed my desk at The Breeze. I’ve also written more than few. But through the years, and through the articles, I have to confess the ones I have most liked to edit or to write are not limited to the ‘big’ stories for which the Cape Coral Breeze is known, but include the innumerable ‘small’ ones that make up a community newspaper. Those are the stories people remember. And more often than not, those are the ones that have made a difference.”

* Melissa Schneider

Community Lifestyles Editor

18 years in the industry

16 years at The Breeze

“I grew up in Cape Coral, moving down from New York with my family when I was 4. Throughout the years, I’ve seen this town go from having just one department store (Kmart), a couple of grocery stores and a few dotted homes sparsely scattered throughout the neighborhoods to a hustling and bustling city that’s booming with new businesses, new people and new life. There are so many things to do and see here now. It’s an ever-changing economy, and I love being a part of the action!”

* Michael Pistella

Photographer/Graphic Artist

23 years in the industry

23 years at The Breeze

“I love that Cape Coral is a ‘big city’ with a ‘small town’ feel. I’ve also enjoyed seeing so many kids I’ve taken photographs of through years of summer camps, youth sports, high school sports, and school events grow up before my eyes. Makes me feel old but it is so gratifying, especially when they remember that time when I took their photo in fourth grade and they’re now graduating from high school and college.”

Mission statement:

Our mission statement sums up our news philosophy well: To be the primary provider of local information in the communities we serve. To that end, as we have for the past 56 years, we report the news that matters to you.

How to contact us:

* Valarie Harring

239.574.1110 ext. 119

239.699.3413 (cell)


* Jim Linette

239.574.1110 ext. 136


* Michael Pistella

239.574.1110 ext. 139


* Tiffany Repecki

239.574.1110 ext. 134


Melissa Schneider

239.574.1110 ext. 236


* Chris Strine

239.574.1110 ext. 130


* Susan Wilhelm

239.574.1110 ext. 114