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A disservice to the community

By Staff | Jun 21, 2017

To the editor:

When I was practicing medicine the question asked was “is there a firearm in the home?” If the answer was yes, the second question was “is that firearm secure?” The purpose was pure and simple – to promote safety and save lives. How this became adversarial I do not understand. (Politics, simply politics).

Anyone buying a firearm should know that a firearm in a home increases the chance that someone will die from a firearm multi-fold.

More than 50 percent of these deaths are accidental deaths to children.

Then we add the fact that firearms do not protect the individual our family in an active fire zone. It is false to think that you are protecting. The purpose of the police is protection. Their first action is to shut it down. They will either neutralize or eliminate any active shooter.

Historically, as we have allowed a proliferation of more firearms, we have given police more firepower and more protection. Our legislators have refused to pass gun safety legislation. They fear of loss of vote.

When shots are being fired, you can’t depend on your gun dealer, legislators, NRA, or president to be out in front discriminating who is friendly fire. Their purpose has already been served once you join and they have your money and your vote.

I therefore think that our president standing before any pro-gun organization making the statement that he made did it disservice to our society.

Lewis Robinson

Fort Myers