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Pedestrian struck by a car in April released from hospital

By Staff | Jun 20, 2017

A pedestrian who was stuck by a car two months ago has been released from the hospital.

As of Tuesday, Paul Liaknickas, 51, of Fort Lauderdale, had been discharged from Lee Memorial Hospital, where he was taken on April 4 after the crash on Del Prado Boulevard, S., officials reported.

At 8:31 p.m., a Kia Rio was traveling south in the 2300 block of Del Prado in the outside lane. Liaknickas was walking west across Del Prado in the same block with another unidentified pedestrian, but they were not at a marked pedestrian crosswalk, according to Cape Coral police.

The driver of the Kia, Joy Pamela Zelaya-Sagastizado, 50, of the Cape, saw the second person dart from left to right in front of her vehicle in the outside lane. She swerved into the center lane to avoid hitting that person and struck Liaknickas. He was propelled onto the hood and windshield of the car.

Liaknickas came to rest on the road in the outside lane.

Police reported that the second person left the scene on foot, traveling north on Del Prado, without leaving any identifying information.

Officers rendered first aid until the paramedics arrived.

Liaknickas may have been texting on a phone when he was struck, according to police.

He sustained life-threatening injuries and was trauma-alerted to the hospital.

Liaknickas reportedly had a medical blood alcohol content of .345.

Zelaya-Sagastizado and her passenger, Justin Michael Reisler, 31, also of the Cape, were injured.