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Poetic License: Three Sonatinas In C:\

By Staff | Jun 14, 2017

C:\ Random Song

Random is as random does

Unplanned the music goes

Unscanned the rhythm dies

Unmanned the woman sighs

What chance chance will have left to take

Will come when maker makes to make

And chaos heeds his hues and cries

C:\ Dear Lotus

Default, dear Lotus, lies

Not in our extended rams or drives,

But in our motherboard and cache

That documents imbedded deep

Within our storage limits sleep

Until they burst our pipes and crash,

Uninstalling us out of memory.

C:\ Time Noir

We are all strangers on a train

From which moments vanish constantly

Leaving perhaps a trace of Fog

On the compartment pane

For men who know too much

To neither confirm or deny

That anything has ever happened