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City plans next Center 4 Life workshop

By Staff | Jun 14, 2017

The next workshop in regards to the next steps for the Center 4 Life building will take place in September after the City Council goes through this year’s budget process.

“The intent was to try and have council discussion on what options might be potentially available to us,” Mayor Kevin Ruane said of the first Center 4 Life workshop that was held last month. “We are in the infancy stages. We are going to have another workshop on Sept. 19.”

There were five options the council discussed. Retain status quo, renovate in place with CHR, renovate in place with CHR relocating, to rebuild on the current site and building a new facility on a new site. The council unanimously agreed that the last two options were the best ones to explore.

After the meeting last month, Ruane said members of the public shared that they thought the council should look at more options.

“I took those all into consideration and gave staff direction to see if we could get some more information. Gather information,” Ruane said.

In addition, he said he received feedback from the public that they wanted to speak during the initial workshop.

“I’m not required to by law. What I’m trying to do is have a consensus from council,” Ruane said.

He said with having discussion with council, as well as the collection of information from staff, they will start to see the formation of what direction they plan on going for the Center 4 Life building.

“I will certainly welcome input at that point of time. To have input now when we don’t have a consensus up here is certainly premature in my opinion. Since it’s a workshop and since I called for the workshop, I will basically do what I think is best. That is the decision I made and I will live with that decision,” Ruane said.