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Council to consider expansion in North 2

By Staff | Jun 8, 2017

The Cape Coral City Council will hold a special meeting on the utilities project next week.

The North 2 assessments for the ongoing Utilities Extension Project will be the topic of the meeting, which is set for June 14 starting at 4:30 p.m. in the council chambers, at 1015 Cultural Park Blvd.

“The approval of the assessment does require two special council meetings,” Connie Barron, the city’s spokeswoman, said. “They’re going to be talking about the assessments associated with the project.”

North 2 is approximately five square miles, with about 8,800 parcels.

“Definitely, the largest that we’ve done,” she said.

The area is bound on the west by Old Burnt Store Road; on the north by Embers Parkway, Shadroe Canal, Hermosa Canal and Balmoral Canal; on the east by Del Prado Boulevard; and on the south by Pine Island Road.

Additional parcels between Embers and the Bonefish Canal were added on later.

Barron noted that the goal is to approve the initial assessment rolls.

“The properties to be assessed, as well as the initial assessment costs,” she said.

If approved, council will direct staff to mail out assessment notices to all of the properties.

There will also be an introduction of the ordinance for the state, revolving fund debt.

“It’s basically a loan at a low-cost interest,” Barron said.

The council must approve the city’s use of the funds for the project.

“We’re anticipating an interest rate below 2 percent,” she said.

Public input will be permitted at the special meeting.

“The next step will be to hold a public information meeting,” Barron said.

While a specific date has not been set, it will be held in mid-July.

According to Barron, the public information meeting will be an opportunity for property owners in North 2 to meet with city staff, the construction companies that will be doing the work and such.

“To talk about the assessments, what’s involved and to answer any questions,” she said.

The second and final special meeting is set for Aug. 2.

As far as calculating the assessments for North 2, officials are proposing that the city use the same assessment methodology that it used for Southwest 6 and 7 of the Utilities Extension Project.

“We do anticipate the amount for the assessment will be a little bit higher,” Barron said.

She noted that the anticipated increase is attributed to a rise in costs.

North 2 is expected to see assessments of about $12,700 for a typical two-lot site.

Barron pointed out that the Southwest 6 and 7 assessments were $10,008.

“But it does compare closely to the last six Utilities Extension Project assessments on average,” she said, explaining that the most recent assessments on average came to approximately $12,670.

According to Barron, Southwest 6 and 7 were offered a discount if they paid the capital facility expansion charge during the pre-payment period, before administrative fees and costs were added.

“We do still plan on offering the 20 percent discount,” she said of North 2.

“We’re going to continue with that,” Barron added.

For more information or the most current meeting agenda, visit: www.capecoral.net/.