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Parents, help prepare your children for future earning success

By Staff | Jun 7, 2017

To the editor:

I wish all parents and caregivers of young children understood that they are their child’s first and, most important, teacher for life. I also wish they understood the importance of preparing their young children for future years of learning and educational success. I have educated and worked with many children throughout the years, too many to count.

Over the years I have met many parents and caregivers. Some understood the need to provide learning experiences for their children. Others think that they bring kids to school when they are 5, and teachers will provide all of the learning and educating.

Children are learning before even entering our world. From the sounds and feeling of things they experience before being born into our world, their little brains are already learning. Even as infants there are so many ways to stimulate little minds. Birth through 5 years of age are the crucial years in brain development for years of successful, future learning.

I have seen great differences between young children who have been provided with learning activities, and those who have not. There are so many ways to provide enriching activities for children of all ages. Enrichment activities don’t have to take a lot of time or money, most costing little to no money at all, so there are no excuses. Singing songs, playing music and dancing, reading books, coloring, drawing, painting, puzzles, building with blocks, and just playing with kids are some ways to help prepare them for future years of learning.

Some kids I’ve worked with in preschool around the age of 4 don’t know how to hold a crayon or pencil, and haven’t been exposed to any learning activities, the alphabet, numbers, and so on. All of the above is required for kindergarten, along with being able to read. With technology these days you can even put some educational songs, videos, or shows on your computer or phone. Even if parents are busy or working long hours they can spend a few quality moments with their kids. Please take a few quality moments for your children, (it’s not the quantity, it’s the quality). It’s so important for their future years of learning and educational success.

Christine Forsythe

Lehigh Acres