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A modest proposal

By Staff | May 31, 2017

To the editor:

The City Council is up against a serious problem. The tourist entertainment center failed for lack of community support. Tourism to the island dropped a fraction, so the traffic was almost tolerable. The Chamber of Commerce and the business leaders are in a tizzy. The idea to relax the rules for chain stores must have come to the council like a light bulb going off in a dimwitted brain. Of course! If Sanibel cannot be a major tourist entertainment center, then why not make our island the shopping center of the world? There is precedent. The Planning Commission and the council readily approved the new Doc Fords, a chain of three restaurants. If a chain of three is OK, then why not hundreds, or thousands?

It is so easy; a huge mall with name brand chain stores from Brooks Brothers to Zoot suits is just across the causeway. The council could bring the entire mall to Sanibel? There is plenty of room on the 11 acres of wetland they would have used for the entertainment center. Visitors could shop at the mall instead of wasting time hunting for shells, or getting sun burned on the beach. When they become hungry and exhausted, a shuttle bus could take them to one of our many restaurants for an over-priced meal.

His supporters of are waiting for “Clean Water Jason” to don shining armor and ride to our rescue. Has he joined the Ruane, Denham, Goss booster team, or will he staunchly oppose plans to allow chain stores up and down Periwinkle?

John Raffensperger, MD